Las reglas Sandler

Las reglas Sandler Las reglas Sandler Las reglas Sandler
Las reglas Sandler Las reglas Sandler Las reglas Sandler
Las reglas Sandler
David Mattson ISBN: 978-0-98225548-3
All prospects lie, all the time. Never ask for the order. Get an I.O.U. for everything you do. Don t spill your candy in the lobby. Until now, these unique rules (and 45 more) were given out only to Sandler Training clients in special seminars and private coaching. After three decades of proven success, the secrets are out in The Sandler Rules. And when salespeople know the rules, they get results. Early in his sales career, David Sandler observed that some salespeople work hard and struggle for every deal, while others consistently, and almost effortlessly, uncover new opportunities and close sales. Why is it, he wondered, that two salespeople selling the same product in the same market can have such different results? Are great salespeople born with a special gift--perhaps the right personality? Were they better educated? Did they have more experience? Were they just lucky to find themselves in the right places at the right times with the right people? No, they simply understood human relationships. Using Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis, Sandler devised a selling system and distilled forty-nine unforgettable rules that are frank, sometimes fun, and always easy to put to use. Sandler Training CEO David Mattson, coauthor of Five Minutes with VITO, delivers this fresh and often funny guidebook, filled with real-world tactics for successful prospecting, qualifying, deal-making, closing, and referral generation. In the first week of release, the Amazon ranking of The Sandler Rules shot to: #1 in the Sales and Selling category #2 in Hot New Releases--business books #3 in business books #23 worldwide!
Ficha Técnica
Estado Ligeramente usado
Editorial Pegasus Media World
Formato Libro físico
Idioma Español
Año 2009
Peso 319 grs.

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